Two or seven rivet bayonet scabbard?
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Author:  Ethan Whitehall [ Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Two or seven rivet bayonet scabbard?

As the Subject states... I am upgrading my accoutrements and am stuck on the problem of two or seven rivets scabbards for my bayonet. I understand that two rivets were "early" to "mid" and the seven were the later years of the war. I know this would be extremely hard to tell because of the lack of personal accounts or pictures. So I'm going off opinion or those who know more about the issuance of leather gear during the war.


Author:  Lt.1 [ Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Two or seven rivet bayonet scabbard?


I recently reviewed my own equipment and asked myself that same question. I believe the time period you wish to represent will help answer your question. In my case, it was my desire to represent the USSS during the battle of Gettysburg that made me go with the seven rivet scabbard. I based my decision on the fact that the USSS hated the bayonet and were known to throw them away. This became a problem for old Hiram when the USSS received a negative inspection, (in part for not having bayonets), in December 1862. As a result, the USSS was reissued bayonets again by mid 1863.
I decided to go with the seven rivet bayonet scabbard due to that scabbard made it's appearence sometime after 2/25/1863.
Right or wrong, that was my reasoning on the matter. I hope this helps and admire your concern for trying to be authentic.

Best Regards,

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