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Fellow Sharpshooters

In the interest of ensuring all members of the 4th Battn (Sharpshooters) can respond to the bugle signals being communicated this coming weekend, I am asking that you go to the Armory Guards website to learn bugle signals ( I recommend ALL SHARPSHOOTERS to memorize the following 'TOP 10' bugle signals for (a) field commands and (b) camp commands.

Field Signals:

Commence-Cease Fire
Deploy as skirmishers-Recall-(deploy from flank or move files forward/returns skirmishers to 4's or dismiss from drill)
Forward March-In retreat, March- (if used with 'commence firing' >>>'advance-firing' or 'in retreat-firing')
Lie down-stand up (avoid incoming fire--resurrect 'dead' after battle OR prepare to advance skirmish line)
Rally against cavalry-Assemble on the Battalion (rally '4's' against cavalry/return to battalion lines)

Halt--pretty easy to remember; three notes, repeated twice: "stop your feet-stop your feet'

Officers & NCO's also must know: To the Right, To the Left
To the right (the notes ascend--go up)
To the left (the notes descend-go lower)
These signals when combined with 'forward march' denote direction of march.

For Sharpshooters with 'Grant ears' ("I know only two songs--one is Dixie, the other isn't") for purposes of safety they must be attached to a comrades in battle section with at least one man (I recommend he be front rank 2 for command and control) who knows the Top 10 (hopefully all) field bugle signals.

Camp signals

Buglers call-Reville (wake up-AM roll call)
Assembly-To the color (form company in streets-assemble companys on colors)
Extinguish lights (lights out-silence in camp (in lieu of Taps)

Commission and NCO Signals

Officers call (brings all officers to HQ or Battn C.O.)
Call for Orderly Sgts (Brings Orderly Sgt.s to Adjut to deliver AM rolls or recieve orders for company)

Prelude Signal

The 4th Battn will have a prelude signal (a preparatory signal that precedes the order/command). The prelude signal designates WHO the signal is intended for. If you saw the movie Gettysburg, there is a short scene where a soldier from the 2nd ME is describing to Thomas Chamberlin the prelude signal written by Gen. Daniel Butterfield for his brigade: Dan-Dan-Dan, Butter-field Butter-field. I am awaiting final approval from Major Carey as to what signal he would prefer. I also have asked him to inquire from Captain's Simmons and Crawford if their individiaul companys have prelude signals; since there may be times on the field where the two companys are separated and the Major commanding may wish to issue each one individual orders. Each Sharpshooter from those commands will be required to know the Battn and Company prelude signal. I know this is a lot of memorization--but I hope you can rise to the challenge.

According to the BGA website, this event will feature more buglers than at any previous reenactment. This means it will be critical for the 4th Battn to have their own, distinct, prelude signal to avoid confusion on the field.

Your obedient servant,
Calvin Morse (Bill Skillman)
Chief Bugler
4th Battalion (Sharp Shooters)

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