Where have all the Ripley's Gone?
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Author:  Bill Skillman [ Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Where have all the Ripley's Gone?

Another featured article appearing in the Rutland (VT) Historical Society online collection contains the Post title. William YW Ripley became the Lt. Col. of the 1st USSS and was severely wounded in action during the Battle of Malvern Hill, for which he received the Medal of Honor. Unfortunately for Ripley, his wound proved so serious that he never returned to the USSS. Had he done so, the maneuverings of Hiram Berdan might have been limited to staff issues and not field duty.

Here is the link to the article: https://archive.org/details/RutlandHist ... 19No.41989

FYI: The Vermont monument in Pitzer's wood was destroyed by a large tree falling on it in 1994. The iconic eagle atop the globe was smashed to bits and put into the storage, the column was broken into 3 sections.

When informed that the NPS had no plans to restore the monument, USSS reenactors across the U.S. founded the Berdan Sharpshooter Preservation Association and secured permission from the NPS to raise funds to repair the monument and return it to its former glory. One of the most amazing aspects of this amazing story was learning that the new eagle was cared from the sister block of the original eagle--from the Ripley marble quarry in Vermont. Unfortunately, I've forgotten many of the other details of the people and contributors who worked so hard to restore the monument.

I had the humble privilege to serve as the bugler during the rededication ceremony for the Vermont Monument. It has been one of the most memorable and rewarding moments as a reenactor-Sharpshooter.

Bill Skillman

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