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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:17 am 

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Fellow Sharpshooters,

This weekend I attended the Jackson (Michigan)-Cascades Park reenactment. To prepare for the skirmishes, I purchased two tins of CCI 'reenactor caps' to suppliment my supply of older RWS caps. As my son Chris and I were 'suiting up' in the parking lot, I emptied one of the CCI percussion cap tins into his cap pouch. As the afternoon 'battle commenced' our section of Sharpshooters were ordered to 'fire by file' and only my Shiloh barked. Chris tried three more times using his CCI reenactor caps but they failed to explode the cartridge. After uttering a few expletives under his breath he turned and asked me for some RWS--I gave him a handful and he didn't have another misfire the rest of the engagement; unless he thumbed a CCI on the cone--then it was 'snap'-curse-'snap'-curse. We bought an extra tin of RWS at the sutlers on Sunday AM and he had no further troubles on the skirmish line despite firing 60 rds.

Chris uses a Shiloh and fires 'flat base' blank cartridges. On Sunday, I had fewer problems using the copper CCI caps, but nonetheless, I found I got misfires (that required 2-3 additional CCI's) an average of 1 in 6 trials. Both rifles, with especial attention to the breechblocks, were cleaned both days--vent channels clear, cones submerged in boiling water, removed-coke cleared by running a dental bit file repeatedly through and around the hole. Followed by pipe cleaner to remove fouling. Gas check, likewise submerged, fouling removed. Block channel clear from immersion in boiling water, followed by drill bit/dental file, finally pipe cleaner.

Question--what brand-type of percuassion caps are you Sharpshooters using on the field? Have you experienced any noticeable differences between the CCI reenactor caps and other brands? I am curious to see if our experience with the CCI 'reeenactor caps' is similar to others. When you respond, please note your make of Sharps, types of cartridges used, and using CCI or other brand caps. Chris and I formed a hypothesis on the long drive home, but I'd like to get more data from Forum members.

Thank you for your interest and help.

Bill Skillman
Hudson Squad Mess-USSS

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:53 pm 
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'afternoon all,

Back when CCI brought out their 4 wing "reenactor" caps, I shouted for joy - I figured they would be the good, hot CCI caps in a "reenactor acceptable" 4 wing configuration. When I finally got my hands on a tin, I threw them out in disgust. In my experience, Sharps despise them (at the time, I only had my Armi Sport, I'll not bother my Garrett or Ped with them), I had roughly the same misfire rate as Bill experienced. Even my Euroarms Enfield didn't like them - it had a lower misfire rate, probably 2.5 caps to a round.

I contacted CCI and was told that there were no plans to produce a hot cap again as the market wanted the "reenactor" caps.

But to Bill's question. If I have my preference, I use the RWS no-wing caps (out of production unfortunately), although some events will not allow them. Secondary preference are the standard RWS 4 wingers. This is in my Garrett, Ped and ArmiSport Sharps, using clip tail cartridges.

I also live fire. Preference for the Sharps are the CCI 6 wing, but when I've forgotten to grab a tin, the RWS 4 wing that I use on the front stuffers have worked better than they do for blank Sharps cartridges. The live rounds are also clip tail, but I think they work slightly better than the blanks because when making the rounds I actually tamp them down and tie the tail rather than the faster process of "just" compressing them as I twist the tail as I do with the blanks.

I've not done anything scientific, but if you snap the various brands/types caps through the same rifle or musket, you can clearly hear the difference in the cap.

"he who despises CCI musket caps"

Calum Munro

40th PVI, 11th Reserves, Co F

1st USSS, Co H

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:32 am 

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Location: Old Northwest (Michigan)
Fellow Sharpshooters,

Al Tingley of Co. B 2nd USSS (Michigan--We are not the NSSA company-we've been in existence for 29 years and counting) was kind to respond to my inquiry comparing the performance of CCI reenactor caps versus RWS. Below are my questions:

1.What brand of Sharps (Shiloh, Ped, Armi-Spt) do you take to the field?
2.What type of blank cartridges do you make (flat base/twist tail)
3.What caps do you use at reenactments (extra credit if you live fire--do you use the same caps or different?) ?
4.What cap works best with your Sharps?
5.Rate how well does your rifle performs on the field (Great-95% of time, few misfires TO Poor-25% or less: multiple misfires; multiple caps needed).

Al's reply:

1: I have a Ped and Armi-Sport. The Ped needs a vent screw which I have been unable to find so I got the Armi-Spt. The Armi-Spt has the problem with the hammer so that doesn't fire very well. I really need to invest more time and $$$ in get them both working. Easier said than done.

2: I use twist tail. But want to make flat base with the written instructions I got from you.

3: Usually what ever I have available.

4: It seems to me the RWS caps have always worked better.

5: No comment. See #1.

With all that said I had the unit purchase 2000 CCI caps when they came available from the GLB (aka Great Lakes Battalion-Michigan's 'reenactor umbrella organization-WES) two years ago. The price was good I did not foresee them being a problem with the Sharps. There have been nothing be problems with the CCI caps and I will not be making any future bulk purchases of them. If the need arises that the unit wishes to make another bulk purchase of caps it will be the RWS caps I will look into.

In Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty
Nathan (Al) Tingley

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